British Canoeing 3 Star Freestyle

We’re stoked to be offering the British Canoeing 3 star Freestyle, as we were part of the expert team that developed it! This exciting new award develops the fundamental building blocks required to progress with any form of playboating. Although there are certain moves set out as a way to benchmark your progress at assessment, the award focuses more on developing a good all-round paddler.


The moves required at assessment include:

  • Beginnings of a double pump
  • Flatwater taily (a.k.a stern squirt or stern dip)
  • Lean cleans on flatwater
  • Controlled entry & exit from small waves & holes
  • Controlled surfing (side and front)
  • Ability to move around the feature
  • Controlled enders
  • Eddyline taily
  • Spin (360)
  • Shuvit (180 one way, smoothly pulled back in the opposite direction)
  • Roll
  • Basic whitewater rescues

As we said, it is more important *how* you are paddling, than what angle your boat’s at. We want to see good torso rotation, upper and lower body separation and the ability and understanding of when to apply power or when to relax and use the water.

Our training courses are among the best: who better to prepare you for the assessment than a former European Freestyle Champion or one of the current National Trainers for freestyle? We will look at what you are currently doing with regards to the syllabus, and beyond, and give you tasks, challenges and stuff to think about in order to take you to the next level. You will leave with a clear action plan towards assessment, or to help you progress even further should you already be close to the required standard for 3 star.

Our assessment courses are professional, relaxed and supportive. Whatever your standard and regardless of the outcome of the course, we will give you some input to improve your performance – both on the water and in our post-assessment feedback. If we can provide tips that will improve your performance on the day, then we will… and that may make the difference between pass and fail!

Dates & prices:

Lowri wrote an article for Canoe & Kayak UK Magazine in October 2012 explaining the new freestyle star awards. Click here to have a read.