White Water Progression

This two day course is aimed at intermediate paddlers who wish to take their paddling up a level. We will focus on ensuring the fundamental building blocks of your paddling are solid before looking at more complex techniques and tactics to make your paddling smooth and efficient.

Lowri coaching

We’ll ensure you’re efficiently breaking in and out, ferry gliding and are able to read white water effectively (both from the bank and on-the-go). From there we can look at generating lateral momentum, dealing with stoppers, using the river features to help us get to where we want to be and much more. The content of the course will (as always) be determined by what those on the course want and need in order to be progress.

One thing we can be sure of is that by the end of the course you’ll feel more controlled, consistent and confident on grade 2-3+ white water, and will have had fun in the process!

Price: £160


17-18th August 2019
12-13th October 2019
22-23rd February 2020


We can also arrange further dates on request, particularly for those who prefer mid-week courses. Please drop us an email for more info or complete the online booking form to get booked on.