Ladies Days

Well it’s been quite a while since we’ve put anything up on the blog; but that’s not to say we haven’t been busy! With degrees, competitions and most recently trips to Norway and France the FlowFree team have barely had a chance to catch their breath! To see some impressive photos and read tales from their adventures so far, take a look at their personal blogs.

A few weeks ago, Becky Russell and I ran some Ladies Specific Courses in glorious sunshine on the rivers of North Wales.

Saturday’s Confidence Booster was a particularly fun day on the water, with ladies ranging in experience from just a few beginner rivers to those who’d paddled for years but now felt their confidence waivering. With low ratios, we were able to cater the day around these varying backgrounds and soon had everyone happy, smiling and progressing with their paddling. At the end of the day, almost everyone went for a body-surf in the bottom wave of Mile End Mill – a sign of improved confidence, high spirits and unusually hot weather in Llangollen!

Charlie Gwilliam looking determined

On Sunday it was time to focus on White Water Skills such as driving the boat across eddylines, boofing and using the river’s features to our advantage to make our paddling more efficient and dynamic. Thanks to Tom Wardill for some cracking photos from the day.

Lowri explains the next challenge…

Ladies Specific Courses are always a joy to coach and extremely rewarding as the atmosphere of peer encouragement and a fresh perspective never ceases to provide great progress in the paddling of those on the course.

The next Ladies Confidence Booster is set to be October 10th with a Ladies Playboating day on the 11th. Keep an eye on the ‘Ladies Courses’ page for more dates to be added soon!

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