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Welsh Sunshine Fun

After weeks of rain and fantastic river levels in Wales, the sun came out. There were even a few days with a magical combination of both. Here’s a short video Andy made of a fun slide down the Croesor.

Want to learn how to make cool videos of your own adventures? Check out our workshop! It gives you loads of top tips and handy tools to make filming & editing more simple and less time consuming.

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Colombia Jungle Kayaking – Video Teaser

Sorry for the blog silence! Our expedition to Colombia went really well: lots of exciting rivers in super remote and committing canyons and the odd epic to add to the adventure. We kept a detailed blog on the trip blog, so if you’ve been patiently waiting for updates here I can only apologise, but at least you can read that at your leisure. Hopefully this little video will make up for the silence here…

We are currently doing a lecture tour, dates of which can be found here – so come and hear about all the epics and adventures, see more video footage and some stunning photos. If there’s not a talk near you, please drop us a line as we are keen to add new venues!

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Video Feedback

We like to give our clients that little bit extra. That’s why if you come on one of our courses, we not only give you dedicated and expert tuition with plenty of feedback on the day – we also email you full written feedback with a summary of what we covered and a clear action plan for you to work on.

During our courses, we will often use tools such as video feedback and as part of giving that little bit extra, we will put the footage captured together in a short feedback video. This means you can watch back what you did from the comfort of your home / office, learn from your own mistakes and marvel at your triumphs. We will add a few little pointers to the video, which will reinforce the written feedback and allow you to put it all back into on-the-water context.

Here’s an example feedback video, from a recent Intro to Playboating course:

More videos can be found on our youTube channel.

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